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With our investment in a new air separation system for the extraction of high-protein legume flours, we are writing a new chapter: These groundbreaking ingredients will allow you to create innovative products for the burgeoning plant-based nutrition sector.


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Smart Protein

Müller’s Mühle is part of a groundbreaking new EU project which will develop new alternative proteins. A range of highly innovative new-protein foods made from plants, fungi, byproducts, and residues will soon emerge from Smart Protein, a new Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission.

Smart Protein’s approach and strategy are unique in that the key focus is on byproducts and residues, ingredients that are usually used for animal feed. Microbial biomass proteins will be created from edible fungi by up-cycling side streams from pasta (pasta residues), bread (bread crusts), and beer (spent yeast and malting rootlets).


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We specialize in legume flours and rice products.

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THE QUALITY BRAND B2BMüller’s Mühle Business Solution

A trusted German brand with an impressive history, Müller’s Mühle stands for quality. Since 1893, our brand has represented trust, care and tradition. We select only the finest legumes and grains. And we process them gently and naturally. Our expertise stretches back generations, and looks forward to a vibrant future.

Müller’s Mühle Business Solution brings legume and rice flours to the food industry.


As the market leader and one of the largest processors of peas, beans and lentils in Northern Europe, Müller’s Mühle offers an outstanding variety of legume-based products.

We utilize state-of-the-art systems to process only the best and most natural raw materials. The result? Our food industry customers have access to an extensive choice of naturally nutritious flours with a protein content of up to 65 per cent.


Müller’s Mühle operates one of the most modern rice mills in Europe. Combined with more than 125 years experience in rice processing, we offer the best quality rice products you will find anywhere.


Sometimes, the key to success is to combine good old traditions with innovative ideas and technologies.

For the efficient implementation of your projects in the B2B area, Müller’s Mühle is at your side in collaboration with GoodMills Innovation as an expert along the entire value chain.

Use the synergies of the GoodMills Group from the procurement of raw materials to modern and efficient processing to understanding the needs of the markets and consumers.

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